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August 12, 2017  

EPISODE 10 08.12.2017

Charlottesville, the overlooked Browder testimony and Keeping the Faith in trying times. 

August 1, 2017  

EPISODE 9 08.01.17

General Bitchery episode covering Healthcare, Mooch-Spicey-Priebus out of the White House, the Transgender Tweety Ban and How To COPE with this administration. 

July 25, 2017  

EPISODE 8 07.25.2017

BCRA Update, Hillary & Uranium, Our Crumbling Infrastructure and Honoring a WWII veteran. 

July 17, 2017  

EPISODE 7 07.17.2017

R Kelly's cultish ways, The Hypocrisy of Hobby Lobby, Donald Trump Jr. and the Clown Car of Treason and a solar farm planted in coal country. 

July 10, 2017  

EPISODE 6 07.11.2017

Likelyhood of the 25th Amendment happening, PolitiCon, the Clampetts of Manhattan head to the G20 and the Women's March July 2017. 

July 2, 2017  

EPISODE 5 07.3.17

Bernie and Jane Sanders, politics of purity and the Mayors, Governors and more folks in the Resistance . 

June 28, 2017  

Episode 4 06.28.2017

The horrendous BCRA, the power of Pelosi and beautiful blue dots in red states. 

June 22, 2017  

EPISODE 3: 06.21.2017

Jared Kushner, Ossoff and Parnell races and doubling down with Indivisible Guide.

June 19, 2017  

EPISODE 2 06.19.2017

Philando Castile, the hiding of the AHCA, Jon Ossoff, Archie Parnell, Emily's List and Run For Something

June 14, 2017  

EPISODE 1 06.14.2017

Sessions Doesn't Recall, Gun Violence, a Blue Texas and upcoming House elections. NOTE FOR THIS EPISODE: Bridget identified the alleged shooter at the Congressional softball practice as "Tom" Hodgkinson when he has being confirmed by law enforcement as "James" Hodgkinson.